Breaching tools

CG Power Cutter M1

The CG Power Cutter is easy to store in vehicles, boats, helicopters and to carry hands free. No external power source – The high cutting performance is generated by a powder-driven power unit. It stands out not only in the world of cutters, it fills the gap required by:

  • Fire and Rescue
  • Police and Paramedics
  • Military Special Forces
  • Salvage Units
  • Field Work Forces
  • UN Organisations
  • Shipping, Aviation and Railway
  • Construction, Off-shore and Mining
  • Customs Operation
  • Power Network Companies
CG Power Cutter M1

Tec  Specs
  • Length 650 mm, 25”
  • Width 156 mm, 6”
  • Weight 6.2 kg, 13lb
  • Cutting gap 90 mm, 31/2
Portable hand cutting rescue tool

By using kinetic energy, the CG Power Cutter M1 cuts object that can be difficult to cut with static operated equipment.
  • Electric cable approx. 90 mm
  • Steel wire approx. 60 mm
  • Seamless tube approx. 60 mm
  • Wall 8 mm
  • Reinforcing bar approx. 30 mm
  • Car posts, steering columns, pedals
  • Chains, padlocks
  • European CE-machinery
  • Directive 89/392/EEC
  • TÜV and GS Regulations
  • PTB CIP Certified
  • NATO Stock Number (NSN 5110  33  200  0112)
Power Units

The CG Power Cutter with its Power Units has been tested and approved for transport worldwide by air, rail, road and sea. The power unit is classified as 1.4 S with the UN No. 0432.